09/01 - 10/31
Human Services Workshops/GSS host various workshops

09/09 - 11/25
Learn - Then Act! Apply for JASA's Institute for Senior Action (IFSA)

2014 Half-Day Literacy Conference

Common Ground Celebrating Home & Community Gala

CAMBA supporters will ‘gamble for Good’

CAMBA supporters will ‘gamble for Good’

North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center Hosts 2014 Gala

11/01 - 12/31
Human Services Workshops/GSS host various workshops.


A Taste of Westchester 2014

Points Of View

‘Broken Hoops’

‘Broken Hoops’Yes, our Mayor was true to his word and vision. He repaired the ‘Broken Hoops’ of East River. This seemingly ‘minor repair’ spoke powerfully to our young people. The repairing of East River’s ‘Broken Hoops’ incrementally allowed for the repairing of ‘Broken Dreams’…’Broken Schools’…’Broken Communities’. Thank you, Mister Mayor, for introducing a new day of true transformation and healing in our most challenged inner city communities! Lew Zuchman is Executive Director of SCAN-NY.

Contracts and RFPs

City Seeks Family Shelter Provider

The Department of Homeless Services intends to issue a competitive Negotiated Acquisition solicitation to identify a vendor to manage and operate a 75-unit city-owned family shelter located at 346 Powers Avenue, Bronx, NY 10454.



Welcome to NYNP's new NYNPoetry feature where we bring you poetry from individuals reflecting their thoughts, experiences and feelings regarding the need for, provision of, or reliance upon nonprofit human services.   This month, read "Waiting" by Karen Williams, one of the poems featured in "Free Verse",  a poetry journal created by and for Bronx Department of Probation clients and community residents.  


Crucial First Steps to Start Thinking About the Sustainability of Your Nonprofit Organization

Crucial First Steps to Start Thinking About the Sustainability  of Your Nonprofit OrganizationIn the current environment of increased demand for services and economic pressures, many nonprofits are concerned about their sustainability. There are multiple directions to consider, from diversifying revenue streams to partnerships and merger.

This Month's Feature

For Sale! Buying, Selling, Leasing, Moving

For Sale! Buying, Selling, Leasing, MovingRight now, New York nonprofits are getting to play the game for real – whether they want to or not.


Odyssey House "Run for Your Life" Event

Odyssey House Odyssey House hosted its 9th Annual Run for Your Life event to benefit individuals and families in treatment at the agency.  This annual event promotes recovery from substance use disorders, mental illness, homelessness, and chronic medical conditions, and champions wellness as a positive lifestyle alternative. Check out this brief video by the event emcee, WPIX reporter Jay Dow.


Four Local Orgs Get Grants from Dunkin' Donuts & Baskin-Robbins

Four local charities are among the beneficiaries of grants recently awarded by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of The Dunkin' Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation (DDBRCF), comprised of local franchise owners and Dunkin' Brands corporate employees.  The foundation recently announced awards totalling $205,300 to 14 organizations in the six-state region.

Strengthening Nonprofits

Building an Advocacy Board “Give,” “Get” and “Take Action”

Building an Advocacy Board “Give,” “Get” and “Take Action”Boards are increasingly vital to nonprofit success. Advocacy Boards can be one strategy for board engagement no matter your organization’s size. It brings a Board together around the mission of your program, while ensuring the people most suited to support your work see the nuances of the issues, and ways to specifically assist your group’s pressing concerns. Most nonprofits know that their Boards of Directors need to possess a broad range of critical skill sets.

Capitol Region

CEO Wins $300K in HOME Funding

The Commission on Economic Opportunity for the Greater Capital Region (CEO) has successfully secured $300,000 in funding from the New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation, which will be used to provide safety and energy-efficiency upgrades for homes owned by income-qualifying residents. "The funding particularly targets those who are elderly and require safety modifications in order to remain in their homes," said Katherine Maciol, President of CEO in Troy.“This is an exciting opportunity,” said John Champitto, Housing Services Manager for CEO. “Through this program we are able to assist individuals who otherwise might be forced to vacate due to home safety situations. This program helps to preserve customers’ dignity and independence, allowing them to live safely in their own homes.” The overall goal of the program is to “expand the supply of decent, safe and affordable housing,” through the correction of safety and code violations, and the provision of features th...

Community Forum

Janice Tosto

Janice TostoJanice Tosto describes herself as a lifelong human services professional. She is a mentor for a volunteer program she created for women who are emerging human services professionals. In her blog, Janice writes commentary on a range of topics including women’s issues, workforce development, and social and economic justice. Janice can be reached at lmjenkinsfoundation@gmail.com.

Agency Of The Month

New York Common Pantry An Uncommon Solution to Hunger

New York Common Pantry An Uncommon Solution to HungerNew York Common Pantry (NYCP) is very much “the little emergency food program that could”.   The most surprising thing about the organization, formerly known as Yorkville Common Pantry, may not be that they provided 2.5 million meals to almost 300,000 recipients last year.   Or, that their kitchen serves five sit down breakfasts and three hot dinners as well as four takeaway “brown bag” meals every week – 75,147 meals annually – for up to 400  men, women and children per seating.


Rent Burdens Rise as NYC Housing Market Recovers but Renters Do Not

Six years after the great recession,a combination of stagnant incomes and rising rents have created increasing affordability challenges for New York City renters, according to a new report released today by NYU's Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy. 


Beyond Selling Tables Moving Your Board To A Year-Round Fundraising Model

Beyond Selling Tables   Moving Your Board To A Year-Round Fundraising ModelThe dreaded gala.  A good board works diligently to fill the tables, reaches its goal, celebrates long into the evening, then drops in exhaustion the day after.  Stir and repeat, a year hence.